Space Hub, Roblox's #1 Script Hub

Space Hub has so many supported game and so many amazing features!

Core features

This section is all of Space Hub's main features and what we are super good at.

24/7 Support

Our support team is almost instant we have some of the best support out there.

On-demand Development

We have weekly updates on Space Hub and will always keep it updated for you.

100+ Games For Free

We have 100+ games on Space Hub for 100% free with no payment so you can enjoy our script.

Flexible Pricing

If you are 1$ short we will still let you purchase premium and just lower the price for you.

99.9% uptime

Our uptime is amazing we promise that our script hub will never go down.

What we are proud of


99.99% of all reviews are 10/10 our script hub is loved by the community and highly rated.

Amazing Developers

We have some of the best developers out there to work on Space Hub.

Weekly Updates

We keep our script hub up to date every week for our quality assurance check.


Our premium features are super powerful and extremely cheap.